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PJ1 Goldfire Pro Premix 2T 1 Litre

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PJ1 Goldfire Pro Premix Oil

2-Stroke Fuel Lubricant

PJ1 GOLDFIRE PRO 2-Stroke Racing Oil is designed for the serious racer who requires more efficient power for high revving greater horsepower 2-stroke engines.  PJ1 uses only the highest grade of synthetics/petroleum oils with a special blend of additives to guard against piston scoring and cylinder wall scuffing as well as oxidation, and rust & corrosion.  Provides less drag thereby improving throttle response, increasing power and allowing higher RPM. 
  • Designed for the serious racer.
  • Greatly extends the life of pistons and rings.
  • Lengthens engine’s life by improving lubrication at elevated temperatures.
  • Extreme low coefficient of friction increases power and efficiency.
  • Eliminates spark plug fouling, sticking power valves and carbon build-up.
  • Protects against varnishing and sludge formation on critical engine parts.
  • Inhibits rust, corrosion and oxidation.
  • Meets and exceeds all manufacturers’ warranty requirements.

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