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PJ1 Silverfire Premix 2T 1 Litre

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PJ1 Silverfire Premix Oil

2-Stroke Fuel Lubricant

PJ1 Silverfire Smokeless 2T Injector Oil incorporates “Active Lubricant Technology” to give the highest level of protection for high performance, high horsepower, 2-stroke motorcycle engines. Very effective in fighting wear, scuff and deposit problems, the “Active Lubricant Technology” shows superior high temperature oxidation resistance, corrosion protection and maximum engine cleanliness.  PJ1’s “Active Lubricant Technology” enhances lubricity at high RPM’s to provide long engine life.
PJ1 Silverfire Smokeless 2T Injector Oil is recommended for all air-cooled, 2-stroke motorcycle engines as well as liquid-cooled engines not requiring a TC-W3 oil. This product has been formulated to work in BOTH pre-mix and direct injection systems.

  • High film strength for improved lubricity.
  • Increases engine efficiency.
  • Superior scuffing protection of rings and cylinder and reduced bearing wear.
  • Greatly reduced piston ring sticking.
  • Virtually no carbon or deposit buildup on internal engine parts.
  • Low ash formula.
PJ1 Silverfire Smokeless 2T Injector Oil with “Active Lubricant Technology” exceeds the following industry standards:

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