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Boyesen Pro Series Reeds

Boyesen Pro Series Reeds

Boyesens' revolutionary dual-stage Pro Series reed design delivers more usable power than stock. Your original one-stage reed operates most effectively only within a narrow RPM range. Boyesen's one soft reed on top of one firm flow-through reed gives you a wide range of intake control, plus increased intake velocity. Your original reeds can't possibly duplicate that performance.

Increased performance from start-up to top acceleration. Top racers and knowledgeable riders coast to coast make Boyesen Racing Reeds their first step in getting more power, more performance, and more pleasure from their high performance bikes. Offers the quickest acceleration any reed can offer.

  • The latest carbon fiber technology with all the advantages of Boyesen's patented dual-stage reed design
  • Utilizes a carbon fiber top reed and a durable fiberglass/epoxy bottom reed
  • Offers the quickest acceleration any reed can offer; maximizes horsepower and torque
  • Responds quickly and accurately to changes in piston speed for smooth, dependable throttle response
  • No sacrifice in reed life like traditional carbon fiber reeds

**Notes: YFZ350 Banshee 87-06 requires two sets.

Description In Stock Our Price
*PRO REED CR125 93-97 (CARBON) $92.71 Enquire
PRO REED CR250 88-98 (CARBON) $95.55 Enquire
PRO REED CR250 99-00 (CARBON) $92.71 Enquire
PRO REED CR125 99-00 (CARBON) $92.71 Enquire
*PRO REEDS RAD-02A (CARBON) $88.83 Enquire
PRO REED CR250 2002 (CARBON) $104.68 Enquire
PRO REEDS RAD-24A,24B (CARBON) $88.83 Enquire
PRO REEDS RAD-30B (CARBON) $88.83 Enquire
PRO REED CR125 2003 (CARBON) $92.71 Enquire
PRO REEDS RAD-41C (CARBON) $88.83 Enquire
*PRO REED CR125 2004 (CARBON) $92.71 Enquire
PRO REED CR250 2004 (CARBON) $104.68 Enquire
PRO REEDS (CARBON) $88.83 Enquire
*PRO REED CR125 05-07 (CARBON) $92.71 Enquire
PRO REED CR250 05-07 (CARBON) $92.71 Enquire
*PRO REED CR85 03-07 (CARBON) $85.23 Enquire
PRO REED CR125 1998 (CARBON) $92.71 Enquire