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Matrix M7 Trux Mat

  • Gas, oil and contact cleaner resistant.
  • Made of tough colorfast non fade PVC material in factory colors.
  • Keep parts clean and out of the dirt, or if you drop a part it lands on a soft surface.
  • Use it in the garage/shop in the back of your truck or at the track.
  • Prevents scratching your truck bed.
  • Full 6 ft long and 2 ft wide with beveled edges.
  • Used by top factory and satellite teams.
  • Roll it up for storage. Comes with netted carry bag with draw strings.

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*M7 TRUX MAT BLACK $97.52 Enquire
*M7 TRUX MAT RED $97.52 Enquire
*M7 TRUX MAT BLUE $97.52 Enquire
*M7 TRUX MAT YELLOW $97.52 Enquire
*M7 TRUX MAT ORANGE $97.52 Enquire
*M7 TRUX MAT GRAY $97.52 Enquire